What Makes Me Cool?

In Dr. Gretchen Petterway’s first book, I Am Cool, JoJo and Mike explore a colorful world where all of the characters they meet look and act differently than expected. By getting to know these amazing creatures, JoJo and Mike learn that being different is not just okay, it’s cool!


As a doctor and a mom, Dr. Gretchen Petterway knows that kids with a positive self-image cope better with the challenges we all face in life. A positive self-image isn’t just high self-esteem. It’s important for kids to know their strengths and feel good about them. But it’s equally important for them to know what they aren’t as good at and feel okay about having to work harder on some things.


For so many kids, being “different”—in the way they look, act, talk, or learn—feels scary or bad. As a parent, an educator, a doctor, or a role model, we can help kids manage stress and learn healthy habits by teaching that being “different” isn’t bad or something they have to change—sometimes, it’s what makes them cool! And always, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


Happy Readers!


What’s Next?

In nearly a decade of practicing pediatric medicine, Dr. Gretchen Petterway has seen firsthand how important it is for kids to learn to value themselves and how that skill can lead to a lifetime of healthy choices. Look for her next books to explore more of the critical issues children face today with messages and characters young readers will love.


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